Update from Mrs Hollister

Week Commencing – 24th November (Week 1) 

A reminder that the gate to the park will remain closed due to building works on the pavilion. Students must take a designated safe walking route to and from school.

Monday 24th November – RESPECT day.

Respect Day – Year 8

Respect Day Y8For their latest Respect Day pupils took part in the educational game, Keep The Cash! Giving pupils an insight into the realities of managing their own finances thereby helping them to develop the skills they’ll need to thrive as adults. Working in teams, pupils ran their ‘household’ efficiently by earning enough cash to pay their bills, debts, and taxes. Overcoming other challenges they will face in the future, each pupil got the chance to apply for a job, prepare a CV and attend an interview on the day.

GCSE Certificates

CertificateFormer students are able to collect their GCSE certificates from the school office.  These are your official documents which prove your qualifications and you will be required to show these to future employers.  If you are unable to collect them, you may ask someone to collect them for you, but you must provide a letter authorising this, in which you state the name of the person who is picking your certificates up.  This person must also bring proof of identification (e.g. driving licence, passport).

Student Website

Student WebsiteThis week the Digital Ambassadors launched the brand new student website in assembly. The student website contains photo galleries, updates on school news, department blogs, and much more!

In addition, it contains the showcase for the latest house competition – #Proud Of My Selfie.

Why not take a look for yourself by clicking on the image?

If Your Child is Unwell

school nurseIf your child is unwell, it can be difficult deciding whether to keep them off school. If children do not attend school, they are disadvantaged in that they do not make as much progress as they should. Use common sense when deciding whether or not your child is too ill to attend school. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your child able to complete normal school activities?
  • Does your child have a condition that could be passed on to others in school?
  • Would you take a day off work if you had this condition?

Camps International Kenya Concert

CI PosterThis concert has been organised by two Year 11 musicians, Ellis Hawkins and Emily McKenzie, in conjunction with the Music Department. It will feature various Music Department groups, soloists and dancers. Funds raised will go towards their Camps International trip next year to Kenya. Tickets, for Thursday 27th November only, are £3 each and are available now from the School Office. For more information contact pwillsher@parklandsacademy.co.uk

Parking Restrictions at Woodlands

Contractors Site PlanThe Woodlands Conference Centre has asked us to inform our community of building work taking place which will affect traffic access to and from their site and anybody who currently uses the site to drop off and pick up their children. There will also be parking restrictions at the entrance to the site in the lay-by where cars enter and exit. There will be multiple low loaders bringing heavy plant machinery on and off site on several occasions each day for the duration of the works. It will therefore be extremely dangerous for parents to use the lay-by at the front of the site to park or drop off/pick up. Woodlands intend to place temporary parking restrictions in the lay-by and request that it is not used from the 25th November 2014. Restrictions will be in place for up to 5 weeks. Click on the image for a more detailed map of the areas affected.

Road Safety

WSP Road SafetyWe take Road Safety very seriously here at Parklands. Historically the school has campaigned for extra safety measures along Southport Road as we realise the need for some of our pupils to cross to the other side on their journey home. For some time now we have had both the pelican crossing and the two speed cameras (which cover both ends of the road between the school). We also have staff on duty at the close of school, on the main pupil exit that leads to the buses and the pelican crossing. We would emphasise the need for all our pupils to be road aware whenever they cross Southport Road and to always use the crossing. We also ask that parents insist that their child wear a safety helmet if they cycle to school. It is for safety reasons that we do not permit scooters.

Parklands Phone App

Phone AppsYou may have noticed that the Parklands phone app links have disappeared from our homepage. This is because our app is no longer supported. We are hoping to relaunch the app in a more interactive form in the future. We will keep you informed on our progress.