Year 11 students are due to finish on Friday, 26th May 2017 following their Leavers' Assembly.  Exams start on Monday, 15th May and continue until the final exam on Monday, 26th June.  Please note that holidays should only be taken from July onwards; this is in case there is a national problem with an exam which means it must be re-scheduled for all candidates.  Re-scheduled exams would take place during the final days of June.  To ensure that your child would not miss out on an exam which has had to be re-scheduled, we recommend booking holidays from the beginning of July onwards.  Exam masterclasses will be scheduled and students informed of the dates and times.  Exam breakfasts will be provided free of charge before each morning exam.

The following links are to important notices that all candidates must be aware of:

Exam Information

For a more general overview of the changes to the GCSE grading system, and the timline for introducing these changes, please view this document from the Department of Education