We are highly committed to providing our students with information, advice and guidance relating to future decisions and careers.

An outline of what our careers programme at Parklands encompasses can be accessed here.

The lastest Careers Calendar can be accessed here. It gives the dates for all the career orientated open evenings, interviews, drop ins, etc.

The new issue of Directions - the careers newsletter for KS4 is available here.

The school policy for provider access is available here.

Our impartial careers advisor, Miss Berry, is in school every day, based in the top office. Every Year 11 pupil will have a one to one careers guidance interview; pupils in other years will have small group interviews, allowing them to start thinking about and researching possible pathways. Pupils (or parents/carers) may request an interview directly by emailing careers@parklandsacademy.co.uk

Pupils from any year group are welcome to drop in at break or lunch with any queries about colleges, apprenticeships, universities or careers in general. There are prospectuses from all the local colleges and training providers, along with a large selection of university brochures on display.

Lunchtime drop in sessions from various colleges and training providers are held on a regular basis – these will be advertised via the bulletin or by email. These are a great chance to chat about facilities, courses, transport and entry requirements.

There are a number of very good careers websites providing advice and guidance on a wide range of jobs, training courses, apprenticeships and so on. Follow the links on the school website.

Advice on other schools available in Year 10 is available here.

A new weekly webpage for 'career of the week' is also up and running. Students and parents can find information about a different career path each week with details about the roles, the career path and the potential salaries - please follow this link.

Links to Local College Websites