Congratulations to the class of 2020!


On behalf of the whole school I would like to congratulate our class of 2020 on their excellent GCSE results.  Their hard work throughout their education has certainly ensured that there were plenty of happy tears today, but it’s also thanks to their diligent, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers and support staff who have guided them successfully throughout their time with us.


There were many exceptional achievements today from pupils across the entire ability range, and our students have much to be proud of.  Amongst are highest achievers there are some outstanding results:


  • Ella Woods - 9 grade 9s

  • Jake Teasdale - 8 grade 9s

  • Elliot Mackrael - 8 grade 9s

  • Joshua Sculfor - 8 grade 9s

  • Summer Zhao - 7 grade 9s

  • Stacey Mortimer - 6 grade 9s

  • Emily Holtom - 6 grade 9s

  • Jack Lewis - 5 grade 9s

  • Sam Walton - 5 grade 9s

  • Lara Moyano-Taylor - 5 grade 9s

  • Lucy Doughlass - 5 grade 9s

  • Sophia Fenton - 5 grade 9s

  • Jack Hughes - 5 grade 9s

  • Simon Reynolds - 5 grade 9s

  • Hui Hua - 5 grade 9s


I am truly proud to lead such an amazing school, and I am exceptionally proud of this cohort and everything they have achieved, be that inside or outside the classroom.  Their warmth, generosity of spirit, humour and thoughtfulness will leave a lasting impression on our younger students for years to come.


We wish you all the best for your futures - and please keep in touch!


Mr Mitchell



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