The LRC:

The LRC is run by Mr Johnston and a 12 knowledgeable Pupil Librarians. There are over 5000 fiction and non-fiction titles in the LRC for the pupils and staff to choose from. There is also over 1000 ebooks and audio books available to download. Both the hard copy and the Ebook stock is updated with new titles regularly for all readers across all abilities.  All pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 have a library lesson every other week where they are expected to read or quiz using the Accelerated Reader programme. Pupils in other years are welcome to borrow books for study or to read for pleasure. The LRC and its facilities are also used by most departments in the school for lessons.

The aims of the LRC

The aims of the LRC  are to promote reading for pleasure.

To offer access to a wide range of information

To support Accelerated Reader programme.

To support all learning across the school

To provide a welcoming atmosphere and a positive learning environment.


An up to date stock of fiction and non-fiction books selected by Mr Johnston and the Pupil Librarians

Over 1000 ebooks available via the Ebook app

Four Kindles available for a term long loan

Weekly newspapers, periodicals, graphic novels  and revision guides.

Careers information, including college prospectuses.

42 computers, laptops and idesks available for the pupils to use in the LRC

A selection of board games

Open 8:30 til 4 every day


Download the ebook app, search “Eplatform” on your App Store

Lancashire Libraries have a wealth of online information all verified and checked for accuracy to help with homework, although you may need to be a library member to access some of these websites. This can be done for free here

Feel free to contact me about anything regarding the LRC on

LRC Year Group Reading Lists

These books have been handpicked and cater for all abilities. If you can read ten of these suggested books and pass each AR quiz in one school year you can win a bookish prize. All prizes will be awarded in July.

LRC Year Group Reading Lists


Accelerated Reader Help

Below are three videos to help you learn how to use Accelerated Reader. Please follow the instructions on screen. Please have your login details to hand. You can get them Mr Johnston or your English Teacher.