Please refer to this in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Every effort will be made to keep school open at all times, but regard to children’s safety must take precedence. If an event arises during the day that results in the decision being made to close the school, the following procedure will apply:

  • The local situation will be monitored by the school.  Advice from the police and ‘Safer Travel’ in charge of school buses will be sought.  The school will take their advice into consideration before making a decision regarding the closure of the school.
  • Students will be informed of the need to close the school.  Senior staff will brief each year group in years 7 to 11 on the arrangements for the closure and help them make arrangements to get home.
  • Students will be allowed to leave school once they have talked to a parent/carer about arrangements for going home.
  • After school events: clubs, detentions, Consultation Evenings, etc. will be postponed.
  • Where adverse weather is forecast, students should wear appropriate protective clothing to and from school and consider bringing a change of footwear with them.

School closure events are usually very rare, but parents, carers and students themselves should have an action plan in place if the school were to close part way through the day, or on subsequent days. This plan must incorporate a safe place for your child to go, should the school close part way through the day.


In the event of school closure and on subsequent days.

A decision will be made as early as possible either the evening before or first thing in the morning (ideally before 7.30am) as to whether the school should open or remain closed. In the event of closure, messages will be:


  • sent as a text message to all parents/carers;
  • published on the school website;
  • broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire (95.5, 103.9 & 104.5 FM and 855 & 1557 MW).
  • recorded as part of the school answer phone messages;
  • sent via the school's email system;
  • tweeted on Twitter;
  • sent via the school's Facebook page.