A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students.

Please follow the guidance, as we do not wish families to have to go to the expense of buying replacements at the start of the year. However, if our requirements are not met we will insist on appropriate replacements.

Families are asked for their support in ensuring our high standards are met.

Please note non-branded items can be purchased from any retailer or from our uniform suppliers.


Parklands uniform policy has been devised with reference to the Department for Education’s ‘School Uniform’ document from September 2013. The governing body have had due regard to cost considerations and have kept compulsory branded items to the minimum. The approximate cost for non-optional items is £100 (1 x blazer, 1 x kilt, or 1 x PHS-branded trousers, 1 x tie, 1 x polo shirt, 1 x PE shorts)

  • All uniform and personal possessions should be clearly name labelled.

  • Watches are the only permitted jewellery item.  

  • Parklands respects all religions and cultures and, therefore, permits the wearing of headscarves for religious reasons. Parklands regrets that face coverings are not allowed.


General equipment

Ensure that your child takes responsibility for coming to school fully equipped with: black, blue and red pens; ruler; pencil; eraser; school books and appropriate kit (see above)


Specific equipment

Compasses and a protractor will be used in some lessons throughout the year in a range of subjects.

We would recommend the following models of Casio scientific calculator as they are easy to use and are suitable to GCSE level: 

(Fx-83GT, Fx-83GTX, Fx-83GTplus, Fx-83GTXplus, Fx-85GT, Fx-85GTX, Fx-85GTplus or Fx-85GTXplus)

Design Technology will require all students in years 7 and 8 and those students in years 9-11 taking Design Technology as an option to buy a white cotton apron from NU uniform in Chorley (they are £5.99) - We regret the need for this but it is essential under current Covid-19 precautions to prevent students cross-contaminating year group 'bubbles'



Watches are the only permitted jewellery item. All other jewellery including earrings, studs, stretchers, tongue piercings and dermal piercings are not permitted and we insist on the removal of any piercings if worn in school, regardless of whether this may cause a piercing to heal. Therefore, if your child has a new piercing it should be done at the start of the school summer holidays, to allow for the recommended healing period.

Extreme hairstyles and colours are not permitted. Should you allow your child to have such styles or colours we request they are done at the start of the summer break, in order to meet our standards at the start of the new academic year.

Make-up is not allowed apart from year 11 where discrete make-up is permitted (school will be the final arbiter regarding this where there is disagreement). Nail varnish and any form of false nails are not permitted, nor are false eyelashes 

School will be the final arbiter of what is acceptable with regards to uniform, standards and equipment.

*In order to maintain high standards we have a ‘5 strikes rule’ in relation to skirt length. Students who need to be reminded on 5 separate occasions will have the option to wear a skirt removed and will be expected to wear school trousers.