Curriculum Intent

Throughout all dance lessons at Parklands we promote students being both creative and confident. We encourage individuality in their styles and provide many opportunities to work both independently and as part of a larger group. Whilst some lessons are structured and choreography is teacher led, we also provide many opportunities for students to be autonomous and create their own choreography. Enjoyment and opportunity are also two large factors. We work hard to ensure all lessons and opportunities are both fun and accessible in order to provide a basis for lifelong participation. We pride ourselves on our annual dance show being an excellent performance opportunity for students and work hard throughout the year to ensure that a variety of styles and levels of challenge are offered.


GCSE/Btec course exam boards specification       


KS4 content summary

  • Performance Skills
  • Choreography Skills
  • Critical Appreciation of Performance
  • Professional Dance Anthology



GCSE Dance - Three Practical exams (solo set phrases, duo/trio performance and choreographed piece). One written exam (80 marks - 90 minutes)

RSL Creative arts (Dance) - Two units (Mostly practical with some theory elements) One internally assessed and one externally assessed.


Staff list

Miss G Marr - Curriculum Leader for Dance

Mrs L Robinson - Teacher of Dance

Extra-curricular activities

Monday - 3.00 - 4.00 - Y8 & 9 Dance club

Wednesday - 1.30 - 2.00 - KS3 Elite dance team

Wednesday - 3.00 - 4.00 - Y7 Dance Club

Thursday - 3.00 - 4.00 - Y10 & 11 Dance club

Thursday - 4.00 - 5.00 - KS4 Elite Dance Team

The pavilion is also a bookable rehearsal space throughout lunch times and after school for students who want to work on the practical side of their GCSE Dance course

Careers leading on from Dance:

How parents can support their children

Dance kit is compulsory and although dance shoes are optional, these can however have a big impact on your child’s performance. Dance shoes are available through school at a discounted rate to dance suppliers.
The more practical experience, the better. Encourage your child to attend school dance club and, where possible, external dance lessons.
Encourage your child to watch back all shared performance videos and analyse their performance.
Ensure they are keeping up to date with fortnightly dance diaries, analysing their strengths and weaknesses.
Encourage your child to attend all theatre and college trips we run as well as any additional dance workshops.