Curriculum Intent


Drama is an important component in educating a well rounded child, giving essential opportunities for growth and challenge beyond the mere subject content.

All children have the right to express themselves and a need for play - Drama maximises these natural factors in a safe, encouraging environment. The future of the children we are educating now is uncertain and challenging. The greatest skill we can give them is to be able to harness their own creativity and communicate this with others. Drama is pivotal in this whilst also helping pupils to improve peer relationships and confidence in the new setting of high school. All of this is in addition to giving them the tools they need to continue to enjoy, through participation or appreciation, their rich Dramatic heritage throughout the rest of their lives.

Life without art is just existing.


KS3 Drama Curriculum Map

GCSE course exam boards specification

Here is a link to the AQA website for further information regarding the content of the course.


KS4 content summary

  • Theatre practitioners: Brecht, Stanislavski & Paper Birds
  • Non-Naturalism
  • Devising
  • Live Theatre Evaluation
  • Set Text Study (Blood Brothers)
  • Texts in practice (Performing scripted work



  • Understanding Drama - Assessed in a written exam in Year 11 (40%)

  • Devising Drama - Assessed through a devising log and performance (40%)

  • Texts in Practice - Assessed in performance by a visiting examiner in Year 11(20%)


Revision Guides

Link for revision ‘How to’ guide


Staff list

Miss K Gray - Curriculum Leader for Drama

Miss B Cosgrove - Subject teacher

Miss G Marr - Subject teacher


Extra-curricular activities

  • Weekly Key Stage 3 Drama Club led by Drama Ambassadors

  • Annual drama production, performed to the public

  • Theatre trips for KS4 pupils


Careers leading on from Drama:


How parents can support their children

The Drama department values the support and cooperation of parents in ensuring pupils attend school on time and ready to learn, complete classwork and homework to the highest possible standard and in meeting the standards required in the school behaviour policy.

The greatest way to support your child in their study of drama is through encouraging their participation and exposure to it. Students benefit greatly from experiencing live theatre whether amateur or professional and we encourage all of our students to visit the theatre as often as possible.

At GCSE we greatly appreciate parents supporting their child in preparation for examination practical work in ways such as: through running lines; supporting extra commitment given to additional rehearsals and sourcing props and costumes.

Because team-work is integral to success, the best way for your child to succeed is to encourage excellent attendance at all times, especially during practical examination rehearsal periods.