Curriculum Intent

Our principle purpose is to ensure that pupils enjoy History and to foster a desire to learn more. This is done by providing varied and enriching lessons, design to provoke pupils to think and broaden horizons.

We believe that History is the bedrock of British culture, but also provides clear lessons of how humans can err from right and humanity. If we do not learn from History then we are doomed to repeat our errors.

Our department creates a warm and inclusive environment. Everyone can appreciate History.


KS3 History Curriculum Map


Exams taken

Qualification – GCSE

Pupils will sit two exams at the end of Y11.

Unit 1: Germany 1890-1945 and War in Asia 1945-1975

Unit 2: Medicine and Public Health through time and Elizabeth I

Each exam is worth 50%  and lasts for 2 hours


Staff List

Mrs E Brown - Curriculum Leader for History

Mr D Gallagher - Teacher of History

Miss R Crabtree - Teacher of History and Geography


Extra-curricular activities

After school catch-up and revision classes are available throughout the academic year to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to reach and exceed their target grades with appropriate support in History.


How parents can support their children

The History department values the support and cooperation of parents in ensuring pupils attend school on time and ready to learn, complete classwork and homework to the highest possible standard and in meeting the standards required in the school behaviour policy.

Parents should encourage pupils by encouraging them to read widely, watch documentaries and visit historical sites and Museums. This will solidify their grasp of History, culture and chronology.