Parklands High School - Governing Body Attendance

Key to Committees - RHS&A: Resources, Health, Safety and Audit. S&E: Standards and Effectiveness.


Full Name 30/09/2019 11/11/2019 16/12/2019
  S&E RHS&A Full Govs
Mr Jon Almond No No Apologies
Mrs Briony Boardman-Owen Yes N/A Yes
Miss Liz Cathey Apologies N/A Yes
Mrs Michelle Curtis
School Business Manager
N/A Yes Yes
Mrs Fiona Eastham Apologies N/A Yes
Mr Keith Fielding - Chair Yes Apologies Yes
Mr Dan Gosling
Chair RHS & A
N/A Yes Yes
Miss Julie Green Apologies N/A Yes
Mrs Judith Hagarty Yes Apologies Yes
Mr Ian Hamer Yes Yes Yes
Mrs Leanne Holbert N/A N/A N/A
Mrs Marie Hunt Yes N/A Yes
Mrs Danyela Kellett Yes N/A No
Mrs Linda Kinnaird
Yes Yes Yes
Mr Peter Malpas Apologies Yes Yes
Mr Claus Madsen Apologies N/A Yes
Mr Steve Mitchell
Yes Yes Yes
Mrs Lee Nelson Yes Yes Yes
Mr Geoffrey O'Donoghue Yes N/A Yes
Ms Carol Slater - Premises and Projects Manager N/A Yes N/A
Ms Lisa Williams Yes N/A Yes