Parklands High School - Governing Body Details - Updated June 2022

Key to Committees - RHS&A: Rources, Health, Safety and Audit. S&E: Standards and Effectiveness.

Minutes of meetings are available on request.

Contact for Chair of Governors: Mr Kieth Fielding, Parklands High School, Chorley, PR7 1LL


Full Name Category Appointing Body Term of Office Committees Position of Responsibility
Mr Keith Fielding Community Governing Body 04/07/21 - 03/07/25 RHS&A and S&E Chair of Governors & Vice chair of S&E
Mrs Linda Kinnaird Community Governing Body 02/03/19 - 01/03/23  RHS&A and S&E  Chair of S&E & Vice chair of governors
Mr Jonathan Almond Parent Governing Body 09/11/18 - 08/11/22 RHS&A  
Miss Liz Cathey Staff Staff 04/07/21 - 03/07/25 S&E  
Mr Richard Cornes Community Governing Body 12/07/21 - 11/07/25    
Mr Andy Cunningham Staff Staff 12/04/21 - 11/04/25 S&E  
Mr Dan Gosling Community Governing Body 16/12/19 - 15/12/23 RHS&A Chair RHS&S
Mrs Judith Hagarty Community Governing Body 04/07/21 - 03/07/25 RHS&A and S&E SEN nominated governor
Mr Ian Hamer Community Governing Body 01/12/21 - 30/11/25 RHS&A and S&E  
Mrs Marie Hunt Community Governing Body 13/03/21 - 12/03/25 S&E  
Mr Claus Madsen Parent Governing Body 09/11/18 - 08/11/22 S&E  
Mr Steve Mitchell (Headteacher) Headteacher Ex-officio Ex-officio RHS&A and S&E  
Mrs Lee Nelson Community Governing Body 05/03/19 - 04/03/23 RHS&A  
Mr Geoffrey O'Donoghue Co-Opted Governing Body 03/11/18 - 02/11/22 S&E  
Mrs Michelle Curtis (School Business Manager) Company Secretary       School Business Manager