Achievement is a core expectations at Parklands. Students' progress is constantly monitored, reviewed and discussed at every level, in every subject, throughout their school life. We expect high achievement in terms of final results, coupled with the fostering of independent and considerate young adults. Parklands' students are responsible, tolerant, skilled and articulate and as such they leave us ready to make a positive contribution to society.

Students' progress is monitored and reviewed in every subject from the very first term in Year 7 to the end of Year 11. Ambitious and individualised academic targets ensure that students remain "on track" and challenged to achieve their potential. These targets are augmented with regular personal reviews.

Achievement is a core expectation for all at Parklands. An innovative and personalised curriculum forms the basis of this achievement, yet it is the holistic attitude to developing the whole person that makes Parklands unique. Our school ethos promotes leadership opportunities for all students and an understanding of cultural, moral and social issues. It's one of the many reasons why our students remain in high demand with colleges of further education on leaving Parklands.