Parklands upholds a long tradition of educational success, with an inclusive curriculum for all. Academic rigour and a relentless focus on achievement across al subject areas ensures that the majority of our students continue into further education. This tradition is also combined with modern and innovative practice in the arts, music, the humanities, vocational pathways and new technologies. The result is an enriched and challenging 21st century educational experience for our student community.

Parklands has always cherished its reputation as an institution with high academic expectations and excellent examination results. Learning is of course our core purpose, and as such we place a high emphasis on the quality of our learning environment. A range of learning spaces for the 21st century provide our students with an exciting place of study. New style classrooms designed for group interaction, coupled with research computers; interactive whiteboards across the school; state-of-the-art ICT, Media, Music and Science facilities; a multimedia Learning Resource Centre, and stage and lighting equipment for performance all play a vital part in a school where variety, diversity and enrichment are integral to learning

 Our curriculum maintains an entitlement that all will achieve. Core subjects are combined with early entry to examination courses via an innovative creative option in Year 9. Students have a wide choice of options in a personalised curriculum that allows a number of diverse and relevant learning pathways, meeting the needs of all abilities and interests. traditional subjects such as Geography and history combine with newer age subjects such as Creative Media, Music |technology, Photography and an extensive range of vocational courses.