Curriculum Intent


The purpose of the English curriculum at Parklands is to provide students with a broad and engaging English curriculum with lots of opportunities to explore different aspects of English, not just those that are assessed in the GCSE exam.  Pupils will be learning essential skills from ‘day one’ in English with a keen focus on technical accuracy in all aspects of the curriculum.  We aim for the curriculum to be challenging, accessible and engaging for all and should introduce students to a variety of activities, concepts and assessments in English.  We will focus on introducing students to the conventions of the writing of various time periods (e.g. 19th Century).  The purpose of the curriculum is to give students an understanding of not only the English concepts we teach (persuasive writing, narratives, reading skills…) but also the contexts/time periods in question.  The curriculum aims to provide students with the opportunity to succeed in reading, writing, speaking and listening. We aim to foster a genuine intrigue, creativity and love of English at KS3.  As pupils move through Year 9 and into KS4, we intend to foster a love of English and build on the successes of KS3 with a rigorous, academic focus that prepares students not only for the GCSE exams at the end of Year 11, but for life beyond Parklands.  


KS3 English Curriculum Map

GCSE course exam boards specification

Please use the links below

Eduqas English Language Specification

Eduqas English Literature Specification 


KS4 content summary

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English Literature

English Language  



GCSE English Literature Component 1:  Wednesday 13th May 2020

GCSE English Literature Component 2:  Thursday 21st May 2020


GCSE English Language Component 1:  Tuesday 2nd June 2020 

GCSE English Language Component 2:  Friday 5th June 2020


Entry Level English:  Monday 11th May  2020


Revision Guides

All of the revision guides can be purchased from your child’s English teacher for £3 each.  The ‘Blood Brothers’ text is sold from school for £8. If your child is on the PP register, please ask them to speak to their teacher about this.  

Here are the links to revision guides we use:  


Macbeth’ revision guide

‘Macbeth’ Text: 

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol’ revision guide:

‘A Christmas Carol’ text:  

Blood Brothers

‘Blood Brothers’ revision guide: 

‘Blood Brothers’ text: 

Poetry Anthology revision guide:  

Poetry anthologies can be collected from your English teacher at no cost.  



Miss L.Cathey - Curriculum Leader

Mr D.Banks - Assistant Curriculum Leader 

Miss K. Kellett - Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs G. Aspinall - Deputy Headteacher 

Miss L. Pilkington - Assistant Headteacher

Miss V. Bond - Lead Practitioner

Miss L. Law - English Teacher

Miss A. O’Dolan - English Teacher

Mr A. Cunningham - English/Connect Teacher

Miss A. Duffell - English Teacher

Miss H. Calam - English Teacher


Accelerated Reader Programe

To access the login page for the accelerated reader program please follow this link


Careers leading on from English


How parents can support their children

  • Our English Blog will have useful help and support for both students and parents in KS3 and KS4.
  • For reading support please access the link to our “Supporting Reading” document.
  • Access Google Classroom for up to date homework information.
  • For KS4 revision materials access BBC Bitesize and our English Shared Documents on Google Drive.
  • Feel free to contact your child’s English teacher to discuss concerns or to access further guidance.
  • GCSE Revision videos are also located on GCSE Pod. Your child will have a password and access to this.