Curriculum Intent

We endeavour to equip all of our students with the skills that they will need to be successful in the ever changing world of the 21st Century. Independence, a desire to learn plus the ability to read with understanding and empathy, write with accuracy and express themselves orally are our key foci. The English team aim to plan and deliver engaging, challenging and personalised lessons, alongside providing regular and rigorous Feedback to support and motivate our students to achieve their challenging targets.

Programmes of Study

Key Stage 3


Our students will:

  • Develop an appreciation and love of reading
  • Read a wide range of fiction and non – fiction texts
  • Independently choose and read fiction and non – fiction for pleasure
  • Understand the impact of audience and purpose
  • Read critically and be able to give a personal opinion on what has been read
  • Be able to make comparisons between texts
  • Be able to give predictions and speculate


Our students will:

  • Write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length
  • Write for a wide range of purposes and audiences
  • Summarise and organise materials
  • Extend their range of vocabulary, punctuation, grammatical and literary devices
  • Plan, draft, edit and proof read

Speaking and Listening:

Our students will:

  • Speak confidently and effectively
  • Use Standard English
  • Adapt talk to a variety of formal and informal situations, including discussion, debate and presenting

Access our Programmes of Study for each year group below:


English Programmes of Study 2017-18


Accelerated Reader Programe

To access the login page for the accelerated reader program please follow this link



We expect our students to play an active role in their learning by arriving to lessons promptly, with the correct equipment and a desire to achieve the challenging targets that are set for all. Lessons are planned to ensure that our students are given the opportunity to explore topics independently, in pairs and groups, supporting each other in their learning journey. We encourage students to take responsibility under the guidance of our dedicated and enthusiastic team of English specialists. Comments from students regarding their English studies are welcomed and in conjunction with a careful choice of topics and texts, the team works hard to convey their enthusiasm and love for all aspects of English Language and Literature. The English department are committed to the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ agenda and offer a wide variety of opportunities for pupils to engage in their learning through the use of innovation and technology. The department regularly uses facilities such as the TV Studio, 4D space and the surrounding school grounds. Homework is an important aspect of our support and encouragement of the students’ learning and takes many forms: research; reading; drafting; planning; reviewing.


Marking and Assessment

Please access the link to our current Assessment Policy.


Exams taken

All students will study the Eduqas GCSE English Language and English Literature exam specification. 

Careers leading on from English

Staff list

Mr D Banks - Curriculum Leader for English

Miss L Cathey -  Joint Assistant Curriculum Leader for English

Mrs K Kellet - Joint Assistant Curriculum Leader for English (Lead Practitioner)

Mrs G Aspinall - Assistant Headteacher

Miss V Bond - Teacher of English (Lead Practitioner)

Mr A Cunningham - Teacher of English

Miss A Duffell - Teacher of English

Miss L Law - Teacher of English

Miss L Pilkington - Assistant Headteacher

Miss E Rose - Teacher of English

Miss A O'Dolan - Teacher of English



Extra-curricular activities

  • Book Buzz
  • Book Clubs KS3 and KS4
  • Theatre trips
  • Writing Club


How parents can support their children

  • Our English Blog will have useful help and support for both students and parents in KS3 and KS4.
  • For reading support please access the link to our “Supporting Reading” document.
  • Access Google Classroom for up to date homework information.
  • For KS4 revision materials access BBC Bitesize and our English Shared Documents on Google Drive.
  • Feel free to contact your child’s English teacher to discuss concerns or to access further guidance.
  • GCSE Revision videos are also located on GCSE Pod. Your child will have a password and access to this.