Curriculum Intent

PE at Parklands aims to encourage all pupils to actively engage in lifelong physical activity. This is not only as a participant but in roles such as leader, coach and official. We offer a wide and varied curriculum that will encourage participation and inspire our pupils to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Through the activities we teach pupils how to be healthy and what it means to be healthy. 

Programmes of Study


The GCSE PE course we deliver is from OCR. The GCSE PE course has proven to be a very popular option with around 50 pupils per year group studying the course. GCSE results for 2018 were very strong and the program is mapped out to support all students who wish to study GCSE PE. All pupils take part in Core PE as part of their school curriculum. Students in years 7 & 8 receive two hours of PE per week, students in Y9 receive 3 hours per fortnight and students in years 10 and 11 receive one hour per week. We have a broad practical curriculum in which students participate in a range of team and individual sports. Students usually study two different sports per half term. You can access our core PE curriculum here.



We expect every pupil to be in full kit even if excused through injury. To be excused through injury a parent or carer must either call, email or write a note explaining the reasons why the pupil can not take part and when indicate they will be able to do PE lessons again. Even if injured all pupils will be expected to take part in lesson in some capacity, whether it is as a participant, coach, leader or official. Pupils forgetting kit twice in a half term will receive a break or lunch school detention, subsequent no kits will be dealt with by the Curriculum Leader and an after school detention issued. All pupils will adhere to school behaviour policies during PE..

Marking and Assessment

Please access the link to our current Assessment Policy.

Exams taken

Pupils who have opted to take GCSE PE will be examined at the end of the three year course with 60% of their final mark taken from two theory exams, 30% from their practical ability and 10% is taken from written coursework.


Careers leading on from PE


Staff list

Mr G Metcalf - Curriculum Leader for Physical Education

Mr S Rimmer - Teacher of Physical Education

Miss N Greaves - Teacher of Physical Education

Miss G Marr - Teacher of Physical Education and Curriculum Leader for Dance

Mr M Salisbury - Teacher of Physical Education


Extra-curricular activities

PE extra-curricular activities timetable

How parents can support their children

Parents/carers are continually contacted regarding fixtures and extra-curricular opportunities that occur in PE. Key stage 3 pupils' attainment is tracked as in other subject and if we feel there isn’t sufficient progress being made then a letter/email is sent home to express our concerns. This also applies if pupils are exceeding their targets.